Sliding bearings accessoires

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Low friction, corrosion & temperature resistant, no wear.

  • Sliding plates in bearing and bridge bearing grade made from PTFE, UHMWPE and other sliding materials.
    Metal-based sliding materials are possible as well but need technical advice from our technical departments.
  • Insulation sheets to thermally dissipate between bearing and duct or boiler.
    Insulation sheets can be supplied either as stand-alone items or combined with sliding bearing in a kind of sandwich. Hence connection temperatures up to 500°C and above are possible. Further information here and in our full catalogue which can be downloaded here.
  • Clamping systems, pipe shoes and clamps, fixations for assembly and much more.
  • Steel parts are supplied with zinc-phosphate base-coat, fully coated with up to 3 layers or hot-dip galvanized. On special request all steel parts can be supplied from stainless steel.