Products & services

Our services for you as an overview

PGslide® sliding bearings

  • PG Systemtechnik covers the entire range of sliding bearings, fix points, up-lift load bearings and also custom tailored solution for heavy steel constructions, power plants, all sort of pipe- and ductwork.
  • If needed our partners support us in design, calculation and assembly.

Sliding bearings accessories

  • Sliding plates in bearing and bridge bearing grade made from PTFE, UHMWPE and other sliding materials
  • Insulation sheets to thermally dissipate between bearing and duct or boiler
  • Clamping systems, pipe shoes and clamps, fixations for assembly and much more


  • Design and static calculation of sliding bearings, their components and the connection parts.
  • Supervision of assembly on site, education of assembly personnel and on request assembly of our bearings by well-skilled staff.

Pipe Rack Jack

  • Patented tool made from strong but light aluminium.
  • easy and cost-efficient to lift pipes and ducts.